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The Jilin Province Museum is a historical and art museum, as well as the largest cultural relics collection, protection, research and exhibition center of Jilin Province.

Jilin Province is located in the northeast China. The unique natural geographical and cultural history create a colorful and distinctive national culture,  such as Buyeo culture, Goguryeo culture, Bohai culture, Liao culture, Jin culture, Shaman culture, providing Jilin Province unique cultural heritage resources.

Jilin Province Museum, as the inheritors and protectors of the nation's outstanding traditional culture, shows the unique historical and cultural connotation, the achievements of the province socialist modernization ,as well as the heroic deeds of the sons and daughters of China who developed the border areas ,saved nation and fighting against Japan .Because we know that new understanding and exploring of the history and culture has become the eternal driving  force of a nation’s development and progress.

Looking back and forward, Jilin Province Museum will use the new museum construction as an opportunity ,be obsessed with promoting the traditional Chinese culture to make tireless efforts for the construction of socialist spiritual civilization.

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