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"Dongting Spring Fu · Zhongshan Song Lao Fu” (partial) by SuShi

Northern Song dynasty

Vertical 28.3cm, horizontal306.3cm 

Paper painting

Dharma Realm origins images(partial) by Guanpeng Ding

Qing dynasty

Vertical 33cm, horizontal 1635cm

Paper painting

Nine Figure volumes (partial) by Wo Zhang

Yuan dynasty

Vertical29cm, horizontal523.3cm

Paper painting, ink

Written poetry book(partial) by Duo Wang

Ming dynasty

Vertical25cm, horizontal17cm


Bamboos and Rocks by Xie Zheng

Qing dynasty

Vertical130.5cm, horizontal71.5cm

Paper painting

"Kam Tong Kee day”(partial) by QiChang Dong

Ming dynasty

Vertical42cm, horizontal1312cm


Silver enamel crest pot

Liao dynasty

Height25cm, diameter6cm

unearthed fromShalihaolai ,Jirem Union Naiman Banner ,Jilin,in 1974.

Twist vitreous enamel box

Liao dynasty

Height4cm, cover diameter8cm.

Found in Liao tower,Nong'an,JilinProvince,in 1953.

Longquan Kiln Green Glaze paste chrysanthemum pattern wash

Yuan dynasty

Height2.5, diameter16.5cm

Longquan kiln carved food containers

Qing dynasty

Height21cm, diameter29cm

Ding Purple glaze printing bowl

Jin dynasty

Height5cm, diameter17cm

Unearthed frombayan Chang, Jirem Union Naiman Banner,Jilin,in 1974.

Stone painted tower

Liao dynasty

Residual height 96.5cm, base side33.5cm, width25.8cm

unearthed from the base of Wanjin tower, Nong’an County ,Jinlin,in 1970.

White jade ear cup

Goguryeo (Han dynasty)

Height3.2cm, length of mouth13cm, width of mouth9.5cm

Unearthed from the Grain storage in the Ji’an County, Jilin, in 1958.

The radio ofLiaoningpeople of Self-Defense Forces